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We often come across life biography of certain people who motivate and inspire us to be successful just like them. Their struggles and the will to fight through times of difficulties give us the courage to follow their suit and get the best out of our lives too. One can always learn a lot if they go through how every successful man reached where they are today.

One such fantastic and successful individual is Patricia Mirawati Susilo. Just like every great person, her life was full of struggles. She being an immigrant from Jakarta was raised in Australia by her mother and businessman father.

Since a very early age, she was motivated by her father to be successful in whatever Patricia Susilo wanted to do. Her father words made her realize her passion at a very early age itself. Patricia Mirawati Susilo began working at just the age of 13 to gain experience and went on to travel on the path of gaining knowledge. All her struggles made her successful today as a well known real estate entrepreneur.